Oleg Tabakov

Олег Табаков. Фото Владимира Григорьева Photo by Vladimir Grigoriev Art Director of the Moscow Art Theatre (named after A. Chekhov) and the Moscow Theatre under direction of O.Tabakov,
People’s Artist of the USSR,
Laureate USSR and the Russian Federation Government Grants.

It seldom happens that a young actor starts his/her career like a party!? According to Victor Rozov, Sergey swallowed a ray of sunshine. Nevertheless, he has problems and he is constantly trying to improve himself. He has the courage to live through the most difficult, the hardest, the bitterest moments of his heroes’ existence. He attacks work like a hungry lion. He has not lost his God-given actor’s energy. A day of living for him is a day spent in the theatre. He works outside the theatre a lot. After achieving so much recognition and so many grants one could work less outside the theatre. I would rather he remained self-critical, but be more choosy about his roles.
He has to be demanding of his own talent. He is still very young and has something to lose. It is not customary in Russia for an actor to be without vices… some might think he is empty-headed, has no soul.. But this is not the case here. Besides, if the God gave you talent you owe a lot to people…