Olga Yakovleva

People’s Artist of the RF,
The Laureate of the Government Grant RF

I met Sergey when he joined Tabakov’s Theatre troupe fresh out of the MAT School Studio. People were already talking about him. He was treated in the Tabakov Theatre as a younger brother and he very soon made a statement. When we were commencing our work with director Adolf Shapiro in Maxim Gorky’s “The Last Ones Standing”, Sergey and Marjanna Schultz were so brave, they had so fearlessly dived into work! Even I was scared: I thought if they are so fearless, it isn’t always good. How can you work properly without inner fear, without constant questions? In such a rush – something must be wrong. As if they knew more than the director! By the way, in general I noticed such fearlessness only in young actors of the Tabakov’s Theatre. They are the only ones ones who jump into water so bravely, without questions. I had to adapt then in order to be on the same level with the youngsters in this play, searching for brave new ideas. The late Tonya Dmitrieva at first wondered whether she should take part in it at all.

But later Sergey developed professionally and grew into the role of Piotr. The closer to our premier the more concentrated, meditative and sad he became. His eyes were becoming tired; and in the play it is said about Piotr – “he has melancholic eyes”. Sergey was gaining stature in the role, his psychological moves were constantly developing. Later, when he worked on other serious roles, he started to change even more, to become even more tired. Then his work in the TV programme “Kukly”(Spitting Image”-like) came, he became famous, and was offered movie roles. He started so quickly that I thought perhaps he needed to slow down. But even in this euphoria Sergey was always benevolent off stage, a very reliable and sensitive partner, always in a good mood and very open like a child….. He possesses all the qualities needed to work as part of a team, especially in a theatre troupe. In “The Last Ones Standing” I played his Mother, and our off-stage relationship turned into one of mother and son. Sergey is an amazingly charismatic, creative person, with an inner filter against gossip, torment and vice, protected from all the trash that exists in every human-being.
Also, he is a Man; I think that a woman can rely on him. He treats the opposite sex very well. I believe he is a trustworthy colleague and partner in life.

I wish him success not only in his first flush, but also throughout his long professional life. I feel that he has been well-taught, is infectious, charismatic, has a good temperament and willpower, – he has it all. And his lack of fear toward work does not disturb me anymore. At first, he was so brave, experimenting – now he has added experience to his instincts.

Sergey is open to everything in this life. It seems to me he is naturally self-critical and open to dialogue.
It is a pity that he is often typecast, he is worthy of so much more.
You know, he is a young boy at heart, mischievous and naughty! I remember while we were in Rome, he rented a cool motorbike one night and, with his friend, rode around the city as if it was his home town, offering everyone a ride. We were different in our youth..