Natalia Zhuravleva

Наталья Журавлева

Actress of Moscow Theater under direction of O. Tabakov, Teacher

I knew Sergey as a student, as I taught his 3rd year of Moscow Art Theater School Studio. His main character trait is obsessiveness. He is very good as a partner, a very precise and helping actor. He is very kind and well-meaning, a joy to work, and to share a stage, with. I feel an almost parental connection with him or that of a nanny with her charge. Oleg Pavlovich Tabakov says that an actor should have a lot inside, but show little on the outside. I see him (Sergey) as a comedian. When he portrays strain, i.e. violent emotion, he is actually feeling it.

He ought to have more willpower. He is very good at playing Piotr in “The Last Ones Standing”. In “Just Looney” there is more monkey business – and it is worse.

As soon as actor tastes the fame – the difficulties begin.
Richter, Solzhenitsyn had endured. But it is very hard.
I love Sergey. He is very nice, well-mannered, well brought-up. When he listens to Tabakov’s comments about the role of Glumov – he listens with his eyes down… And then he takes it in and corrects himself – this is another good trait!

He pays attention to the role and to how he plays it, but he always looks at the role not only from his own perspective and his career advantage. He does not squander his talent and he knows precisely what he wants and achieves it; he listens to the clever people. On top of what he already has I hope the Lord will send Sergey a clever director, like Tabakov or Shapiro, who will understand his needs and help him.