Adolf Shapiro

Director, Laureate of the Russian Federation Government Grant

The moment I met Sergey I knew he would play the role of Piotr in “The Last Ones Standing”. He had no competition for this role. It was obvious to me that he possessed such a special vibration and sensitivity that were necessary for this role.

It was very important for me that Piotr’s appearance, his manner, was in in tune with that of a modern young man. My aim was not to distance Piotr from today but, on the contrary, to bring him closer. It supported my idea that everything blood-related invariably decays – the fathers’ sins become their children’s burden. Sergey responded to all my comments and directions precisely, nervously. He was a newcomer in Tabakerka at the time, and he was going through the process of adaptation, acclimatisation. His own life as a young man was just starting and all of that was very similar to his role of Piotr. As an actor Sergey is very attentive, like a sponge soaking it all up, taking in all the information. Also, he shows initiative and likes to improvise. In the play “At The Lower Depths” he played Alioshka who, in my understanding, is a very important character. A destroyer, an anarchist, the embodiment of the tragic senseless Russian riot: “I don’t want anything! I do not wish anything!” Such people later turned into revolutionaries; they were destroying everything in their path.

Frankly speaking, today I am worried about Sergey’s future. Early on, he achieved a lot – and deservedly so. What is next? He has a good ear, a linguistic gift; it comes easily to him. And he should try hard to avoid any “techno-work”, i.e. choosing just the easy roles. I see such symptoms in him. He needs a big, serious classic role right now. But I know that Sergey demands much of himself, and is self-critical. I have no doubt that with the help of his teacher, Oleg Pavlovich Tabakov, he will not wander off the right path and he will grow to become a great actor.