Sergey Bezrukov

Awarded the title People’s Artist of the Russian Federation (2008)
and given a Grant of the Russian Federation Government (1997)

Sergey Bezrukov was born in 1973 to the family of actor/director Vitaly Bezrukov.

Graduated from the Moscow Art Academic Theatre School Studio in 1994 (Oleg Tabakov’s class). The same year Sergey was hired by the Tabakerka (the Theatre under direction of Oleg Tabakov).
Currently Sergey Bezrukov portrays lead characters in the Tabakerka productions: “Every Wise Man Stumbles”, a.k.a. “Na Vsyakogo Mudretsa Dovolno Prostoty” (Glumov); “Adventures”, based on Gogol’s poem “The Dead Souls” (Chichikov), and “The Marriage of Figaro” (Figaro).

In addition, Bezrukov portrays Mozart in the Moscow Art Theatre’s productions of “Amadeus”; Sacristan Emelyan in the Sergey Bezrukov Theatre’s production of “ The Passion According to Emelyan”, a.k.a. “Strasti po Emelyanu”; Pushkin in the Sergey Bezrukov Theatre’s production of “Pushkin”; and Cyrano in the Art-Piter’s production of “Cyrano de Bergerac”. Sergey also performs in the Art-Piter’s production of the show “The Hooligan”, based on the life and poetry of Sergey Esenin.

Sergey Bezrukov made his cinema debut as the lead character, Chibis, in “Nocturne for Drum and Motorcycle” in 1994. Since his debut, Bezrukov has played over 30 different characters in varying genres. Between 1995 and 2000, Bezrukov voiced twelve different characters in “Kukly”, which was a “Spitting Image” style political satire series.
The actor is participating in audio projects, among them the production of the Leonid Filatov’s Stories “ The Love for Three Oranges“ and “The Tale of Fedot the Strelets”. In the latter, Sergey voiced all characters except Marusya, the Dove (which was voiced by Irina Bezrukova); the radio-play “Azazel” (Fandorin); and the disc of Sergey Esenin’s poetry “The Silver Wind”.

In 2004 Sergey Bezrukov recorded the disc “The Passion According to Emelyan” with the songs written by Roman the monk that appear in the play of the same-name, written and directed by Vitaly Bezrukov.
2008 saw the production of the audio disc “The Hooligan”, in which the actor sings and reads the poetry of Sergey Esenin. In 2009 the album of Russian Folk Tales, told by Sergey and Irina Bezrukov, was produced to benefit many orphanages.

Roles in the “Tabakerka” (the theatre directed by Oleg Tabakov):

  • 1993 – Student (“The Passion according to Boombarash” Y. Kim, dir. V. Mashkov)
  • 1993 – Private Eugene M. Jerome (“Biloxi Blues” N. Simon, dir. O. Tabakov)
  • 1994 – Patrolman («The Inspector General» N. Gogol, dir. S. Gazarov)
  • 1994 – Teleskopov («Loaded Container» V. Aksionov; dir. E. Kamen’kovich)
  • 1995- David Schwarz (“Matrosskaya Tishina” A. Galich, dir. O. Tabakov)
  • 1995-2005 – Alexander (“Just Loony”, a.k.a. “Psikh” A. Minkin, dir. Zhitinkin)
  • 1995-2003 – Petr (“The Last Ones Standing” M. Gorky, dir. A. Shapiro)
  • 1995 – Klinevich, Stoopak (“Anecdotes” F. Dostoevsky and A. Vampilov, dir. V. Fokin)
  • 1996 – Saratov (“Local Time Hero” a.k.a. “Zvezdny Chas po Mestnomu Vremeni” G. Nikolaev, dir. V. Mashkov)
  • 1997 – Harlequin (“Farewell and Please Applaud!” a.k.a. “Proschaite i Rukopleschite!” A. Bogdanovich, dir. O. Tabakov)
  • 1997-2003 – Writer (“The Old Quarter” a.k.a. “Stary Kvartal” T. Williams, dir. A. Zhitinkin)
  • 1997 – Egor Dmitrievich Glumov (“Every Wise Man Stumbles” a.k.a. “Na Vsyakogo Mudretsa Dovol’no Prostoty” N. Ostrovsky, dir. O. Tabakov)
  • 1998-2009 – Felix Krool (“Confessions of the Adventurer Felix Krool” T. Mann, dir. A. Zhitinkin)
  • 2000 – Alioshka (“The Lower Depths” a.k.a. “Na Dne” M. Gorky, dir. A.Shapiro)
  • 2006 – Pavel Ivanovich Chichikov (“Adventures” a.k.a. “Pokhozhdenie”, based on N.V. Gogol’s poem «Dead Souls», dir. M. Karbauskis)
  • 2009 – Figaro, the valet (“The Marriage of Figaro” a.k.a. “Bezumnyi Den’, ili Zhenit’ba Figaro” P. Bomarche, dir. K. Bogomolov)

Roles in other theatres:

  • 1995-2002 – Sergey Esenin (“Life of Mine, Did I Dream You Up…?” a.k.a. “Zhizn moya, il’ ty prisnilas’ mne…?” N. Golikova, dir. F. Verigina. The theatre named after M. N. Ermolova)
  • 1998 – Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (“Amadeus” P. Shaffer, dir. M. Rozovsky. Moscow Art Theatre named after A.P. Chekhov)
  • 2000-2002 – He (“The Bunk” a.k.a. “Koika” A. Yakhontov, dir. A. Sokolov. “Monologue. XXI century” Theatre)
  • 2000-2005 – Bruno (“The Temptation” a.k.a. “Iskushenie” A. Nikolau, dir. V. Akhadov. “Art-Partner XXI” production)
  • 2001-2009 Sacristan Emelyan (“The Witch” a.k.a. “Ved’ma” V. Bezrukov, dir. V. Bezrukov. “Art-Partner XXI” production)
  • 2002-2003 – Morris Tebret (“The Sacred Fire” a.k.a. “Svyaschenny Ogon’” S. Maugham, dir. S. Vragova. Moscow Art Theatre named after A.P. Chekhov)
  • 2002 – Alexander Pushkin (“Alexander Pushkin” V. Bezrukov, dir. V. Bezrukov. The theatre named after M. N. Ermolova )
  • 2008 – Cyrano de Bergerac (Cyrano de Bergerac” E. Rostand, dir. A. Sinotov. The Art-Piter production)


  • 1994 — Nocturne for Drum and Motorcycle, a.k.a. Nokturn Dlya Barabana I Mototsikla (Chibis)
  • 1995 — My Soul Is Dying, a.k.a. Umiraet Dusha, the TV play (Piotr)
  • 1995 — The Crusader, a.k.a. Krestonosets (Stunt-double, Sergey)
  • 1998 — In a Bustling Place, a.k.a. Na Boikom Meste (Good-for-Nothing)
  • 1998 — The Chinese Tea Set, a.k.a. Kitaisky Serviz (Merchant Sidikhin)
  • 1998— The Unravelling of the St. Petersburg Mysteries, a.k.a. Razvyazka Peterburgskikh tain (TV series) (Cornet Mikhail Stevlov)
  • 1998 — Unknown Armour, or Crusader-2, a.k.a. Krestonosets 2 (Sergeant Sukhoruk, SSScout)
  • 1999-2003 — The Only Love of My Soul (TV series)(Aleksandr Pushkin)
  • 1998 — In My Place, a.k.a. Vmesto Menya (Dmitry Lavrov)
  • 2000 — (TV series) (Timofey)
  • 2000 — The Pale-Faced Liar, a.k.a. Blednolitsyi Lzhets (The Russian Vaudeville TV series) (Apollon Ivanov)
  • 2000 — The Grapefruit Juice (TV series «The Black Room»)
  • 2001 — Salomé, a.k.a. Salomeya (TV series) (Mikhail Lychkov)
  • 2002 — Alexander Pushkin (Dantes)
  • 2002 — Azazel (TV series) (Brilling)
  • 2002 — What If the Bride Is A Witch, a.k.a. Esli nevesta ved’ma (TV) (Max Ross)
  • 2002 — Brigada (TV series) (Aleksandr Belov- Sasha Belyi)
  • 2003 — The Bedroom Key, a.k.a. Klyuch ot Spal’ni (Marusin, the Professor of Ornithology)
  • 2003 — Just Only Life, a.k.a. Zhiz’n Odna (Pavel)
  • 2003 — The Precinct, a.k.a. Uchastok (TV series) (Major Pavel Kravtsov)
  • 2004 — The Moscow Saga, a.k.a. Moskovskaya Saga (TV series) Vasily Stalin
  • 2005 — The Sunless City, a.k.a. Gorod bez Solntsa (Alex, the photographer)
  • 2005 — Esenin: A Story of His Murder, a.k.a. Istoriya Ubiistva (TV) (Sergey Esenin)
  • 2005 — The Master and Margarita (TV series) (Yeshua Ha-Notsri)
  • 2006 — The Butterfly Kiss, a.k.a. Potselui Babochki (Nikolai Orlanov)
  • 2006 — Pushkin: the Last Duel, a.k.a. Pushkin. Poslednyaya Duel’ (Alexander Pushkin)
  • 2007 — The Carnival Night or 50 Years Later, a.k.a. Karnavalnaya Noch. 50 let spustya (Denis Kolechkin)
  • 2007 — The Irony of Fate, the Sequel, a.k.a. Ironiya Sud’by/ Prodolzhenie (Irakliy Izmailov)
  • 2008 — In June 1941, a.k.a. V Iyune 1941 (Ivan Burov)
  • 2008 — The Admiral (General Kappel)
  • 2009 — High Security Vacation, a.k.a. Kanikuly Strogogo Rezhima (Sumrak, Victor Sumarokov)

In the production stage:

  • 2011 – Wild Happiness, a.k.a. Dikoe Schastie (Gordey Bragin)
  • 2011 – A Real-Life Fairytale, a.k.a. Samaya Real’naya Skazka (Ivan the Fool). Also the producer.
  • 2011 – Black Wolves, a.k.a. Chernye volky (Pavel Khromov)

Grants and diplomas:

  • 1994 – Diploma of the Constellation Movie Festival’s Jury “For charm and congeniality” for the role of Chibis in “Nocturne for Drum and Motorcycle”.
  • 1995 – Grant “Moscow Debut” for the role of Piotr in “The Last Ones Standing”.
  • 1996 – Seagull Grant from Channel-6TV in the Breakthrough category for the role of Alexander in the production of “Just Looney”.
  • 1997 – Russian Federation Government Grant for the role of Esenin in the production of “Life of Mine, Did I Dream You…?”
  • 1997 – Grant from the Moscow Mayor’s Office
  • 1997 – Business Circle’s Idol Grant
  • 2000 – Grant from Moscow Komsomolets newspaper for the role of Alioshka in the production of “The Lower Depths”.
  • 2000 – 4th National Festival of Arts Southern Nights Grant in The Best Actor in Entrepreneurial Theatre category for role of Him in “The Bunk”.
  • 2002 – Actor of the Year
  • 2005 – National Academy of Cinematography Golden Eagle Grant in The Best Actor on TV category for the role of Pavel Kravtsov in the TV-Series “The Precinct”.
  • 2006 – Grant from Moscow Komsomolets newspaper for the role of Chichikov in the production “Adventures based on N.V. Gogol’s poem Dead Souls”.
  • 2007 – National Star of Russia Grant, People’s Acknowledgment of Citizens Achievement in the Russian Citizen of the Year category (2006).
  • 2008 – MTV Grant in The Best Actor category for the role of Irakly in the movie “Irony of Fate. Sequel”.
  • 2009 – Grant from Moscow Komsomolets newspaper for role of Cyrano in Art-Piter’s production of “Cyrano de Bergerac”.