Azazel is the first novel of Boris Akunin from a series about extraordinary detective Eraste Fandorine.

Moscow, 1876. Young man commits suicide in front of the public in Alexander Garden. The situation becomes even more complicated after examination of witnesses. They saw another man trying to kill himself that day. Twenty- year- old Fandorin, gifted and fascinating police inspector, begins his investigations. He will have to understand the reason of suicide of two young men .Why there was only one bullet in the barrel?  And what all of it has to do with the fallen angel Azazel?

Performed by:

Sergey Bezrukov (Erast Fandorin), Alexander Filipenko, Dalvin Scherbakov, Alexander Bykov, Olga Aroseva, Irina Bezrukova (Amalia Bezhetskaya), Igor Kashintsev, Andrey Martynov, Yury Sarantsev, Lada Mosharova, Anastasiya Kolpikova, Artem Kretov, Gennady Nazarov, etc.

Producer – Vladimir Vorobyov

Manufactured by Concern « Soyuz Group »

Year of production: 2002

All projects:

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2002 – Azazel’ [audio-book, Fandorin]
2003 – About Fedot the Strelets [audio-book, all characters]
2003 – Peter and the Wolf [music disc]
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2008 – The Hooligan [music disk]
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