Love for Three Oranges

A fairytale for adults performed by Sergey BezrukovБезрукова

Famous fairytale for adults «Love for Three Oranges» – it’s a fantastic story about magic and jests of destiny, based on the Italian folklore. There is senior Tomato, and prince Tartalio, and sharp-witted Truffaldino. Sergey Bezrukov voices over twenty characters in this audioabum.

Director of the project – Vladimir Vorobyov
General producer – Sergey Bugrov
Executive producer – Tatyana Chistova
Composer, sound producer – Evgeniy Sedyh
Manufactured by Concern « Soyuz Group »
Year of production: 2002

Love for Three Oranges 59.71 Mb

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A fairytale for adults performed by Sergey Bezrukov