Law of the Lawless


The times have changed. And so has crime

Sasha Belov is a born leader. And when he returns home to Moscow in 1989 after spending two years fighting in the Afghanistan conflict, Moscow is hungry for leaders.

Transformed by perestroika, Russia is hurtling towards capitalism, and Sasha, clever and flexible, knows there»s a place for him in the New Russia. He and his pals Bee, Cosmos and Phil want to be on the winning side of this new revolution. And the path they choose is corruption.

From small-time racketeering, they rapidly climb the ladder to big-time extortion and drug trafficking. Along the way, they gather wealth, women — and enemies. Like police lieutenant Kaverin, who becomes Sasha»s fiercest foe and pursues Sasha and his friends all the more ruthlessly after he himself joins the ranks of the underworld.

This is the epic saga of four ordinary men pressured by circumstances into forming one of the most close-knit and influential gangs of Moscow. It»s a winner-takes-all, no-holds-barred contest in which they»re competing with helpless authorities, corrupt officials and ruthless warlords. A war that»s fought in shadowy backrooms and palatial mansions, and that can never be truly won…

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